CUI Leadership

With the entire world shrunk into an approachable neighborhood, with the ever-changing values and with the emergence of fresh realms of appropriate training and knowledge has turned to be a pre-requisite for all successful individuals as well as organizations. In a developing country like ours where the potential is bounteous, but much is yet to be done, a chain of universities like CUI is blessing.

The Vision and Mission Statement of the university i.e. Teaching and Learning, Research and Discovery, Outreach and Public Service and to be an International Character is a true manifestation of what we venture to achieve in our day to day working at CUI- Wah Campus.The quality of our Graduates in the market is clear depiction of our untiring and exhaustive efforts. Availability of best possible resources, including the human resources, to the students is our top priority. Our experienced, qualified, and self-motivated faculty has, by now, proven its excellence in achieving the assignedgoals. Our faculty, administration and staff are determined to benefit the community with the slogan to work under Science-Technology-Society philosophy and work as Real-World Problem Solution provider to industry through state-of-the-art applied research professionally.

Expansion from National to International Character, Emerging Disciplines; Unique Programs; Interdisciplinary Research; Focused Research Centers; Quality Teaching; High Caliber Faculty; Strong International Connections and Consortiums; Participation in Competitions; Academic Accreditations; Strong Student Support; High Employment Rate; Strong Industrial Linkages; Alumni and Industrial Chairs at CUI Wah; Addition of new section of campuses; Integration and Optimization of CUI Wah Resources is the vision of CUI Wah administration and faculty.

CUI Wah Campus welcomes the new entrants to experience a new world of learning and exposure. We invite currently enrolled students in general and CUI Wah Alumni in specific to participate wholeheartedly and show enthusiasm in their ownership to make CUI Wah an exemplary campus.

The strong academic foundation of our students enables them to develop a strong set of competencies desired in today's competitive world. A vibrant link with the industry, government and business helps students to capture the dynamism of the real world.

I wish you the best at COMSATS University, Wah Campus.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid